2018 Programme

We hope you are joining us in April! We have now finalised Programme. Click on the image below.

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Fund Room

Speakers Corner


The Pymwymic Impact Days traditionally consists of two days – Family Day and Impact Day – bridged by the Opening Dinner.

Family Day is about personal reflection, family conversations and participation. We are a ‘family of families’ and host open dialogue and peer-to-peer sharing in a trusted environment. Our Family Day is strictly open to Principals and their family members. We especially welcome NextGen’s to join the conversation.

What better way is there to connect and share stories than to have a dinner together? At the Opening Dinner, we invite extraordinary guests who inspire us on our path in realising impact. They challenge our current way of thinking, share their courageous stories and call us to action.

The Impact Days Conference day is about learning, connecting and sharing. We hear stories and lessons learnt from experienced impact investors, celebrate the change makers who are brave enough to walk new paths, debate upon out blind spots, learn about sector developments and explore new solutions to old problems. Impact Day consists of several plenary keynote speakers, various connection breaks and several participative breakout sessions.