Join a gathering of experienced impact investors with two decades of investing for impact.

Families, Foundations, Business Angels  24 & 25 April 2018


PYMWYMIC IMPACT DAYS is Europe’s longest standing and most creative gathering for impact investors. Annually, we gather in April to learn, share and debate about impact investing. We are part of a global movement that shifts capital towards positive impact and we believe our investments contribute to a restorative, healthy economy. We welcome new investors to impact. Since 2011, we hosted this two-day conference, to which we invite family investors, business angels, philanthropists and change-making entrepreneurs.

About 2018 Event

Why attend?

Each year in April, we connect, learn and debate with each other –experienced impact investors and new investors entering the impact space. We welcome you to:

  • be inspired by thought provoking views
  • discover your own values about money
  • connect with mission-aligned peers
  • participate & debate in plenaries and interactive breakouts
  • explore the meaning of your money
  • learn from experienced impact investors
About registration
Why do a Group of Investors Host a Conference?

We are part of a global movement to advance the shift from an old economy to a new economy. As a group of experienced impact investors, we believe that we are helped by sharing our experience, inspiration, and results with each other and new investors beginning their impact journey. This is how our Pymwymic Impact Days is different:

Selection of Past Speakers