The landscape of impact investing has grown exponentially in the last two years. (After working for 15 years, Pymwymic is pleased to see the movement happening.) Below are some examples of recent reports for further reading.

Perspectives on Progress – The Impact Investor Survey - Global Impact Investing Network & J.P.Morgan - In 2012, impact investments continued to gain attention among investors and philanthropists alike as a meansfor innovative financial solutions to promote positive social and environmental change. However, the impact investment market ischaracterized today by a paucity of publicly available data. With the goal of shedding light on this growing set of investments and the investors that make them,J.P. Morgan and the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) partnered to produce thisimpact investor survey.












Guide To Impact Investing For Family Offices And High Net Worth Individuals












From Blueprint to Scale: The Case for Philanthropy in Impact Investing - This report springs from a point of view shared by Monitor and Acumen Fund—that philanthropy is the essential but often overlooked catalyst that unlocks the impact potential of inclusive business and impact investing.












Social Finance Guide to Social Impact Bond Development – Technical Guide on SIB. SIB: contracts with the public sector in which it commits to pay for improved social outcomes. On the basis of this contract, investment is raised from socially-motivated investors. This investment is used to pay for a range of interventions to improve social outcomes. If social outcomes improve, investors will receive payments from government. These payments repay the initial investment plus a financial return. The financial return is dependent on the degree to which outcomes improve.












A Portfolio Approach to Impact Investment – This research (by J.P. Morgan) presents their tool to analyzing and managing impact portfolios across three key dimensions of performance: impact, return and risk.











GIIRS Q3 2012 Analytics Report - GIIRS Quarterly Analytics Report, provides findings and trends on social and environmental impact across a broad range. The data is collected from GIIRS rated companies and funds, covering sector, size and geography.












Strong, Straightforward and Sustainable Banking - The report  (by GABV & Rockefeller Foundation) examines recent Financial Capital Dynamics and Impact Metrics systems of Sustainable Banks.

Bridging the Gap: The Business Case for Financial Capability - This paper (by Monitor Group & Citigroup Foundation)  gives more insight into the scope of the financial capability, different financial education models and the economics of various leading and emerging approaches.


Sustainable Capitalism - The report (by Generation Investment Management LLP)  explains why  Sustainable Capitalism should be mainstreamed , Five key actions for immediate adoption  are recommended in order to accelerate the mainstreaming of Sustainable Capitalism by 2020.


Impact at Scale: Policy Innovation for Institutional Investment with social and Environmental Benefit - Impact at Scale report (by Rockefeller Foundation) discusses the role of public policy in unlocking Institutional Investment for Impact.


Investing for Impact; How social Entrepreneurship is redefining the meaning of return - This report (by Credit Suisse) highlights major developments in social entrepreneurship and recent trends in impact Investing market.




Insight into the Impact Investment Market - This report (by JP.Morgan) gives a clear insight into Impact Investment Market  and where it is heading to.


Innovation with Impact: Financing 21st Century Development - Innovation with Impact notes (By Bill Gates) highlights the importance of Innovation with Impact in creating a new era for Development. (November 2011)


Other reports:

IRIS – Data Driven Report (September 2011)

RSF – A New Foundation for Portfolio Management (September 2011)

EBAN – White Paper on Impact Investing (June 2011)

Mistra – 360-degrees for mission (May 2011)

Rockefeller Foundation – Investing for Impact (March 2011)

Alpha Mundi – Mobilizing Impact Finance (February 2011)

EU – Report on Business Dynamics (January 2011)

JP Morgan – Impact Investments (November 2010)

EBAN – Women and Early Stage Investing (November 2010)

Alpha Mundi – Impact Finance Survey (October 2010)

CAF – Financing the Big Society – Why social investment matters (September 2010)

EVPA – Social-Enterprise, From Definitions to Development in Practice (September 2010)

Hope – Money for Good, Impact Investing Overview (May 2010)

Rockefeller Foundation – Solutions for Impact Investors (November 2009)