Pymwymic team

Maarten van Dam

Managing Partner

Maarten is an investor and a business strategist.  Maarten has invested in and built shareholder value into a number of companies in Europe, Central Europe, and Africa.  He has experience with agriculture, food, SMEs, and providing capacity building and services to growing companies.  Additionally, he sits on the Board of a 200-year old farming co-op in the province of Zeeland.

Rogier Pieterse

Managing Partner - Investments

Rogier Pieterse is an investment professional with > 13 years experience in evaluating, negotiating, structuring investments (equity and debt) and creating shareholder value; mainly in renewable energy and technology on a worldwide scale. Previously CEO of Transmark Group, Founder/MD of Green Giraffe Investment Management, Investment Manager Ampere Fund/Triodos and Investment Banker at NIBC. Holds M.Sc. in Economics from University of Amsterdam.

Frank van Beuningen


Frank is founder of Pymwymic, the “Put Your Money Where Your Meaning is Community” of European wealth holders who invest in impact. Since 1994, Pymwymic has helped to bring hundreds of family investors towards impact, and as a community helped to fund 50+ companies. He is an investor in multiple impact companies, and with a long track record, has a rare 12 successful exits (and some not so successful as well). In addition to founding Pymwymic, Frank created the ‘Money Meets Ideas’ seed funding platform; is founding member of SVN-Europe; long-term member of Investor’s Circle; serves on several international boards; and continues to Put His Money Where His Mouth Is, as investor and advisor in multiple impact enterprises.

Margaret McGovern


Margaret is an entrepreneur turned investor, and joined Pymwymic in 2007, helping bring the community to scale by launching the annual conference in 2011. Margaret came from family business, and has a special appreciation for how impact can create values conversations across generations; she also supports the growth and mobilization of women investing for good. Margaret is previous owner of several media companies; a founding member of Women Effects Investments; a founding member of Slow Money (for Slow Food), and early investor in the global Hub social innovation network.

Monique Meulemans

FBC - Director

Monique is a firm believer in the purpose economy and committed to shaping the way we do business for the betterment of planet and people. Monique has over ten years of experience in strategy consulting and corporate finance. She has worked on advisory projects for large corporations, financial and government institutions. Her expertise is in strategy and organizational design, business development, research and facilitation.

Julia Chapman

Events & Community

Julia has been with Pymwymic since 2010, and this year, produces the conference. She leads on Pymwymic events, our online presence and marketing. With a background in information law, Julia also supports on management strategy and business infrastructure.

Jan Hein van der Hoeven

DIIF - Director

Jan Hein wanted to contribute to a ‘better’ world and joined Pymwymic in July 2017 as director of the Donor Impact Involve Fund (DIIF). Before that he ran an IT company for eight years, and worked for different profit and nonprofit organisations. Jan Hein is also a board member of Ecosystem Restoration Camps and holds a dual Master’s Degree in Social and Organisational Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Business; is a Harvard trained mediator and dreams to become a writer of children’s literature.

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Vincent Bogaart

Pipeline & Partnerships

Vincent is a new impact investor with a particular passion for healthy food systems. After a 12-year career in the chemicals industry, Vincent could no longer align his values with the work, and committed to sustainability. He joined Pymwymic in 2013, and assists in both pipeline & partnerships.

Pieter Vis

Investment & Portfolio - Investment Manager

Pieter has more than 10 years experience in finance, project management and business development. He started his career at NIBC Bank, structuring debt funding for private equity transactions. Pieter then moved to Green Giraffe, an advisory boutique specialised in renewable energy debt advisory. Prior to joining Pymwymic, Pieter was active as business development manager of Transmark Renewables, a geothermal developer with projects in Chile, Turkey and the Netherlands. Pieter holds a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering & Geoscience from Delft University of Technology and Master in European Business from ESCP Europe.

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marijke van bodengraven
Marijke van Bodengraven

Events Logistics

Marijke is a part-time team member who steps in superbly to help us with events. With a background in national and international corporations, an MBA, a professional mediator and formerly a Governmental Expert for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she is Pymwymic’s contact with the Dutch minister & governments.

Wouter de Jong

Office & Events

Wouter is a translator and techie. He has worked across book and print auctions, farming, and translation services before moving to Findhorn in Scotland to explore & live the intentional community’s values of community building, integrity and open communication. Now back in The Netherlands, he is happy to apply & build all these skills within Pymwymic.

Steven Luna

Investment & Portfolio - Analyst

Steven has 7 years professional experience in business strategy and marketing. Prior to joining Pymwymic, Steven received his MBA, with honors, from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and has worked with multinationals, local governments and NGOs in developed and emerging markets.