Pymwymic History


Pymwymic 1994-2002

“Pioneers Fund” 8 Companies | 30 Investors

In 1994, a group of investors decides to invest in companies that have environmental or social purpose – and so began Europe’s first ever social venture capital fund. Pymwymic’s original 30 shareholders include Eckart Wintzen (Origin), Jan Oosterwijk (The Body Shop) and Frank van Beuningen (originally GAASTRA and now Pymwymic). Pymwymic’s 1.0 most enjoyable investment was bringing Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream to the Benelux. The shareholders of Pymwymic also invested in what was then unknown but visionary technology: solar, wind, lithium batteries, biotechnology, ethical waste management and biodegradable plastic.

Pymwymic 2002-2008

“Matchmaking Platform” 20 Companies | 120 Investors

Frank van Beuningen continues Pymwymic as a peer investor community, matching good deals with people he knows would be interested in taking a risk to improve the world. The group around Pymwymic grows to about 120 investors, and they together fund 20 additional companies.

Pymwymic 2008-2016

“Investors Club” 30 Companies | 350+ Investors

Pymwymic grows to a peer-investor community of about 350 active investors. Frank and Margaret van Beuningen put their own money into each Pymwymic portfolio investment and, supported by a small team, continue to scout and screen impact investing deals. In 2008 the Events division is launched, to host and convene for the growing movement of impact investing through events such as Pymwymic Family Day and Pymwymic Impact Days. 2013 saw the launch of the Investors Club.

Pymwymic Now

“First Ever peer-to-peer holding company for impact”

In 2016, we launched the Pymwymic Impact Cooperative. This is the first-ever peer-to-peer impact holding company, welcoming mission-aligned families and individual investors as shareholders. With the creation of the Pymwymic Impact Investing Cooperative, we intend to guide family-led European impact leadership into the next generation, and move sectors forward. The Pymwymic Impact Coop is our investment arm, and part of a larger Pymwymic ecosystem that includes the Field Building Center, and a Donor Fund. Our Motto is “Learn, Share, Invest”. 

For more information, see “About us“.