Money, food and passion

There are roughly 3 things that make most people instantly tick: money, food and passion. And right those 3 came together during Pymwymic Impact Days at the Deepdive Casestudie of Willem&Drees, a supplier of local fresh food for supermarkets. The room was more than fully packed, and everybody was more than inspired by the story that Willem Treep, one of the 2 entrepreneurs, was telling. He told the audience how they started the enterprise, what they encountered and what their dream is. ‘We see a trend that people are more and more conscience that what they buy is not real food anymore. And that they want to know who is the producer of their food. And lucky enough supermarkets started to realize this as well. And that is where we come in.’ As Treep explained the audience, this was the start for the growth of their company. Within a few years they grew from just 4 local supermarkets to a cover factor all across the country.


One of Willem&Drees important rules: you should only buy food that your granny should recognize. Treep: ‘Our motto is: Buy fresh, buy local. An apple isn’t the same as a bottle of coke that tastes the same wherever you are. We believe that people want to discover the taste where they live. And we want to create a food system where producers and consumers get to know each other.’ On their website you can also find their rules.

Healthy money

Okay, so that’s the passion and of course the food. But where does the money come in? Well: with the good price the producers get paid. A fair price that is mostly even higher than a supermarket pays to other suppliers. And this is not because the produce is more expensive. It’s because there is much less commission business. It’s as simple and healthy as that.

Written by Petra Kroon of The Social Reporters