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Impact Cooperative member

The Pymwymic Impact Cooperative is the first-ever peer-to-peer impact holding company, welcoming mission-aligned families and individual investors as shareholders. The Impact Coop leverages the impact we can make, spreads investor risk and upside, and is especially suited for members feeling at capacity with direct deals.

Donation Member

Pymwymic Donor Impact Involve Fund catalyzes innovation by using donation capital to support early-stage impact companies, helping impact entrepreneurs to survive the early-stage “valley of death”. By participating in the Donor Impact Involve Fund, family foundations and philanthropists can join the impact intention – and expand their mission-related activities to include young for-profit companies and entrepreneurs.

Field Building Supporter

We work with aligned organisations in multiple ways.
As a supporter of the Field Building Center you gain exposure to our network of impact investors, a community of like-minded families, philantrophists, and individual investors and you support our efforts to further build the field of impact investing. There are many opportunities to engage in as a Pymwymic partner and supporter; ranging from sponsoring our annual Impact Days gathering, to co-authoring industry research, to co-hosted events.