Impact investment still in its early days

A panel of European experts gave this afternoon an update in The Grand Hotel in Amsterdam about impact investment in their countries. This main session on the Pymwymic Impact Days was busy with interested visitors. The British expert: ‘The UK was the first and is still ahead in Europe when we talk about impact investment.’ The problem he sees are the missing track records from these funds. ‘Impact investment is still in it’s early days and we don’t know how this market will develop.’ A risk is that when these products are designed, they put the investors first instead of the social enterprises, he said.

In France pension and saving funds have to offer social responsible products to their clients. And these investments are popular. Also in Luxembourg, Swiss and Germany bankers and other parties are busy with impact investment. But, is the main opinion, there is still a lack of understanding about this kind of investment.

Written by Jolanda Breure of The Social Reporters