Welcome to the Pymwymic Community

What is Pymwymic?

We are the ‘Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community’ of families, philanthropists, and individual investors who believe in capital for good. Together, our purpose is to help fund companies who make a positive impact on the planet, or her people. As a community, this purpose is both meaningful, and fun. So we also connect through gatherings, and share our ideas and experiences with new investors.

We are an inclusive members’ organisation: European at heart; cross-generational; active and interested; united around common values. We’ve been active for 20 years, and are looking forward to the next 20.

As a peer platform, we hunt for great companies and champion about 10 annually: we share with each other not only deals, but our ideas and efforts to create a more balanced economy. The cost of a core team in Amsterdam is shared through membership fees.

We believe that all of us are creating the future. Join us to Pymwymic, to create a better world.


Pymwymic’s core are European family investors, exited entrepreneurs, and individuals who are committed to building a more balanced economy. As a community, we began in Amsterdam, and now meet in several countries. Our DNA respects diversity, modesty, and quiet service to society; our gatherings are multi-generational, convivial, and fun. We are three generations now, investing together.

More information about what we do, our history and our logo can be found on this website.

Latest blog posts

First Speakers Announced for Impact Days 2015!
Pymwymic is delighted to announce that Ben Rattay, Founder and CEO of Change.org will be one of our featured speakers at Impact Days 2015.  Change.org creates online activism and democracy, with 87 million users who coordinated on 5000 successful campaigns in 2014.  Ben has just raised a $25 million venture round from impact investors.
Pymwymic friends Ian Simmons and Lisa Pritzker Simmons will share what they have been working on with Justin Rockefeller, and take us through the ImPact pledge.
Other investor members leading sessions include:  Sam Desimpel, Rufo Quintavalle, Alexander and Josephine Korijn, Jenny Ellisen, Frank and Margaret van Beuningen, and more
Other sessions include
Divest/Invest, and Individual Action
Anatomy of a Full Climate-Change Portfolio
Liquidity:  The Roadblock to Impact
How Much is Enough? Two Models for India
Frontier Markets Focus:  Myanmar
Implementing Circular Economy
Reconsidering Risk in Impact
and more……

Outlook from the Amstel

Talking ‘Bout A Revolution,

And a Visible Heart.

Sometimes, like a shock of sudden autumn leaves, a significant change is one day just there:  apparent.  Bright and bold in full fall glory, announcing a change of season.  Behind the colour is, of course, a dynamic and complex evolutionary process of multiple agents and reactors, engaged in a biological negotiation heralding the end of one season and beginning of another…. Where am I going with this?   If you read the report ‘The Invisible Heart of the Market’ by the G8 Taskforce, you will understand the analogy.

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Outlook from the Amstel

Inspired by the New, and by That which Endures


The sun is shining on the Amstel River, with café tables full of office workers and laptops enjoying unexpected late summer sun.   Here at Pymwymic, the new fall season welcomes several new team members, as we continue growing to meet the community needs.

That which endures: it is a privilege to do this work.  We engage daily with the optimistic reality that a new economics…

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Pymwymic’s Company Criteria

  • Business that has a core model that positively impacts people or the earth
  • €250.000 – 2.500.000 needed in financing
  • Product has been tested
  • We look at management, model & market
  • 2 years of operation

Pymwymic is interested to learn about your investment proposal. These are the general criteria that the Portfolio Team uses to screen the investment proposals.

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