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What is Pymwymic?

We are the ‘Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community’ of families, philanthropists, and individual investors who believe in capital for good. Together, our purpose is to help fund companies who make a positive impact on the planet, or her people. As a community, this purpose is both meaningful, and fun. So we also connect through gatherings, and share our ideas and experiences with new investors.

We are an inclusive members’ organisation: European at heart; cross-generational; active and interested; united around common values. We’ve been active for over 20 years, and are looking forward to the next 20.

As a peer platform, we hunt for great companies and champion about 10 annually: we share with each other not only deals, but our ideas and efforts to create a more balanced economy. The cost of a core team in Amsterdam is shared through membership fees.

We believe that all of us are creating the future. Join us to Pymwymic, to create a better world.


Pymwymic’s core are European family investors, exited entrepreneurs, and individuals who are committed to building a more balanced economy. As a community, we began in Amsterdam, and now meet in several countries. Our DNA respects diversity, modesty, and quiet service to society; our gatherings are multi-generational, convivial, and fun. We are three generations now, investing together.

More information about what we do, our history and our logo can be found on this website.

Pymwymic is interested to learn about your investment proposal. These are the general criteria that the Portfolio Team uses to screen the investment proposals.

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Latest blog posts

New Website Impact Days 2016 Launched
We are proud to announce the launch of the new website for our annual Impact Days, held April 19th and 20th in Amsterdam. Find all the latest information about the speakers and the schedule at http://www.impactdays.org

Already announced speakers include Johan H. Andresen, Stephen Brenninkmeijer, Suzanne Biegel, Tomás Carruthers, Clara Barby, Jos Peeters, Antonis Schwarz and Uli Grabenwarter.

Pymwymic members and invited speakers have now received a private registration invitation; they have first change to register, through March 15th. 

On March 15, we’ll open remaining tickets to the public.

If you have not received an ‘early bird’ invitation and would like to request one, please do so via the website.

Outlook from the Amstel (November 2015)

There’s a quiet to November, the cold drawing us inside to warm fires and friendly circles. Unless you have your children in blankets on a boat, arriving in Lesbos. Unless you have lost your love, who a moment ago was smiling from across the café table, in Paris, or in Beirut. Unless your land has dried to salt, or your heart is hidden from its purpose.

It’s a tough week to be positive. But with compassion and respect, we choose for hope, and where we can, we choose for action. And we continue.

Paris will continue, and host her friends on November 29th, when tens of thousands march for our planet. “We don’t let them stop us,” said a Pymwymic member and friend today. In Amsterdam, we will also march, because we care, and because we can.

You’ll see in this newsletter results of some of our work of the last months; some of the places where we choose to combine hope and action by investing in Healthy Ecosystems, Education, and Access to Basic Services. We choose for humanity.

In awareness of our interconnection,

Best from the team at Pymwymic

Outlook from the Amstel (July 2015)

“System change” is a term regularly used in the world of impact investing. But do we recognise it, if we are living through it? From our offices on the Amstel, we sit at the middle point and see the river flowing… and notice Greece is innovating (that’s our view!), Divest/Invest is disrupting, and popes and princes are calling out for climate awareness.  We at Pymwymic are changing and renewing, delighted with bringing in new management and looking forward to new initiatives starting in September. Our members community is growing (now 125 investors & families in 8 countries), and we’ve welcomed a hundred more into introductory events.  Impact is scaling: institutional investors are recognising that folding in social and environmental factors in investments creates strong market-based opportunity.  Welcome to mid-stream systems change. Enjoy the flow of the river. And happy summer.

- The team at Pymwymic



19 and 20 – Impact Days, Amsterdam


10 – Spain Family Day, Madrid
– Education for Purpose & Profit, Amsterdam
17 – Investor Meetup, Norway
19 – Annual Impact Film, Amsterdam


17 – Review of 2015 Impact (& Christmas Drinks)

and mark your calendars now for APRIL, 2016:
19-21 April 2016 – Pymwymic Impact Days